Be Bold: Hannah Delmore’s Portfolio

Be Bold: Hannah Delmore's Portfolio


Each student in KM Perform must take bold steps in creating their portfolio. Senior Art Focus, Hannah Delmore, is taking this literally. Delmore is designing and creating three full length dresses for a line called “Be Bold.” “The collection is three full length gowns using bold colors and form to express how fashion influences creativity and confidence to help us be bold ourselves,” says Delmore.

Over the past two years, Delmore has found a passion for apparel design. This is in part due to her mentor, KC Brookshire, a seamstress in Dousman; “She taught me everything I know now about constructing the designs I create and how much you can do with even learning the basics of sewing.” Delmore began constructing her designs by using a commercial pattern as a rough base and altering it to fit my model, design and vision. She works on one dress at a time, choosing her fabric, cutting out the pieces and sewing them together with a variety of techniques to match her drawing.

It is no surprise that many elements of KM Perform have made their way into Delmore’s portfolio. Besides creativity and and work ethic, a sense of confidence and character have been defining traits throughout Delmore’s four years in KM Perform and will serve her beyond graduation. As of right now, she plans to study fashion design at Kent State University.

Delmore will be showcasing her work in collaboration with fellow Senior Art Focus, Maddi Racine, at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center on May 26. Her presentation will consist of photography of models wearing the dresses, sketches, design boards, and photos throughout the process. “The most exciting part about my show is that at the end I am donating proceeds of show to the charity Dress For Success. This organization is an international not-for-profit organization that empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. This organization’s mission statement is everything I love about fashion and donating to them will change the lives of women and make my art show more than just an exhibition of what I have been working on,” says Delmore.

Come support fashion, confidence, Dress for Success, and Hannah Delmore on May 26 at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center.