Hiking, Hammocking, and Pinicking, Oh, My!

Hiking, Hammocking, and Picnicking Oh My!

I have always had a strong love for adventure and the outdoors.  Over the past couple of months, I have been restless for new, spontaneous outdoor expeditions.  This has led me to discover some of my new favorite places. Two of my most favorite to escape to are amazing, not only for hiking, but hammocking and picnicking as well!

Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area

A couple months ago, on a rare Friday without school, I drove into Madison to hangout with a couple of my adventure buddies.  As Jules hopped into the car, he began listing off directions, saying he had “the coolest” place to take us. After an hour of driving past countless cornfields, we ended up at a small gravel parking lot in the middle of the woods. Grabbing our hammocks and Logan’s guitar, we began to hike*.  A short while later, we came to a tall rock outcropping and the view took my breath away. You could see for miles and there were all kinds of gnarly trees hanging out over the cliffside. We were able to hang our hammocks off of a couple of these trees and watch the sunset (which was stunning) while Logan played his guitar.  Gibraltar Rock is about an hour and fifteen minutes away from the KM district, in Lodi WI. This may seem like a long trek but it is 110% worth it.


*Side Note: Stick to the trails! (We thought it’d be a “great” idea to find our own way down the side of the cliff, but ended up sliding most of the way, bouncing between rocks, and ending up with quite a few bruises. Oops)

Eagle Trails

One day, on my way to Bald Bluff, part of the Ice Age Trail, I passed a small sign that read out Eagle Trails.  I had never heard of these trails before, so I slammed on my brakes, turned onto a winding road, and decided to go on a new adventure. The road took me to a tiny patch of dirt that hardly provided space for two cars. There were, however, a couple maps that gave me reassurance that this was, in fact, a hiking trail. The trail started out as dirt and soon turned into sand.  There were many ancient burr oaks along the sides of the trail that made for fantastic climbing. This trail is pretty close to civilization, but feels as if it’s in the middle of nowhere. The farther I hiked the rougher the terrain became and the better workout I got. I saw many ideal picnicking and hammocking spots along the way, but the hiking was by far the best part.  There were also many different routes to choose from and most of them were loops, so I didn’t have to retrace my steps at all. This is an area that I don’t think I could ever get bored of easily because of all the trails to explore. It has already become one of my favorite hiking places in the area.


The best adventures I’ve been fortunate enough to go on usually begin either by mistake or by spontaneously heading out.  Eagle Trails and Gibraltar Rock are true gems. So, whenever you have a day where you are just sitting around or have a couple extra hours, I encourage you to check out these sublime places or to discover your own corners in nature.  I wish you many crazy adventures ahead!