Treat Everyday Like Earth Day

Treat Everyday Like Earth Day

Earth Day is on April 22nd every single year.  On this singled out day, people will do a variety of things such as attending speeches on how to protect the earth to collecting garbage all along roadsides.  Especially now, the earth needs all the positive attention you can give it. However, we must remember to draw the appreciation and protection shown on Earth Day into every day of the year.

Climate Change is a major current issue that needs to be addressed.  According to NASA, the likelihood that climate change is human caused is higher than 95%.  As you can see humans are producing a massive amount of greenhouse gases. In the U.S. the percentages of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the economic sector come from transportation (28%), electricity (28%), industry (22%), commercial and residential (11%), and Agriculture (9%) (EPA, 2018).  These greenhouse gases go into the atmosphere and trap the heat, causing the planet to continue to heat. The warming of the planet is causing the devastating effects listed below as well as many others.

  • Less crop yields
  • Extinction of animals and plants
  • Negative extreme weather conditions
  • Human health risks
  • Increase of harmful ozone
  • Water/air pollution
  • Melting glaciers

The extreme facts above may seem intimidating but there are many things you can do in your everyday lives to cause less of a negative impact.  While you could make large lifestyle changes to reduce your carbon footprint, such as renewable energy in homes and fuel efficient vehicles, these tend to be more expensive and more time consuming.  Small changes in your everyday life can, in fact, make just as much of a difference in the big picture. Below are listed some of the many changes you can easily make to your life.

  • Use LED light bulbs
  • Use reusable cloth or canvas bags
  • Buy local, eat organic, and eat vegan
  • Eliminate pesticides and aerosol  
  • Turn off lights and faucets when unused
  • Either walk, bike, carpool, or use public transportation
  • Use clotheslines
  • Use natural and earth friendly beauty products
  • Eliminate waste and compost and recycle more
  • Go thrifting

Take action!  We do not own this earth; we live on it.  So, we must treat it with respect and love and care for it.  Remember, every little action will have some positive effect on this planet so take the initiative and follow the list above to alter your lifestyle.  And don’t forget, sometimes the most positive thing you can do to reduce climate change is to advocate for this planet by spreading the word and speaking up.