Ask Paige: The Next “Dear Jamie”


Photo courtesy of Paige Kuhn

Last year’s KM Perform Express advice columnist may have graduated, but there’s a new sheriff in town! My name’s Paige Kuhn, and I’m a sophomore here at Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance (KM Perform). In addition to writing for the student advice column, I am the co-editor of this year’s newsletter (alongside fellow sophomore Charlie Blue). I’m excited to be back in school and exercise my journalistic muscles once again, especially when it comes to KM Perform Express. What we do in KM Perform is unique, and informing our community about what we do is vital to our school’s growth and success.

A little about me: I’m a writing focus, and my favorite book genres include (but are definitely not limited to) memoirs, realistic fiction, satire, and political fiction. Outside of school, you can usually find me doing homework, teaching/taking martial arts, or singing along to my favorite tunes.

The KM Perform Express Student Advice Column is a forum in which students of all ages and focus areas can submit their questions. I don’t accept any personal inquiries, but I’m happy to answer any and all KM Perform-related questions. Examples of appropriate submissions include: How can I stay green in myLC? How can I double up on competencies? What credit goals should I be setting?

I will answer all questions that are submitted as long as they follow the guidelines listed on the submission form. Your question may be selected for either Ask Paige or KM Perform Express; within a week of submitting your question, you should receive an email regarding where your answer will be published. If your question is featured in the newsletter, a new edition comes out near the beginning of each month. If your question is featured on Ask Paige, new articles come out every Monday (but be advised that those articles come out in the order questions were submitted, so yours may not be published right away).

Itching to submit a question? All you have to do is fill out this Google Form. Please take a moment to read the guidelines listed at the top (that would make me very happy). Ask Paige is accepting question submissions through February 1, 2019, and KM Perform Express is accepting them throughout the entire school year (but you will use the same form for both).

Whether you’re a new student, a confused senior, or somewhere in between, the KM Perform Express Advice Column and Ask Paige are the perfect homes for all KM Perform-related questions. I look forward to reading your submissions!


Float on,