Don’t Stress, It’s Just Your Whole Future

Dont Stress, Its Just Your Whole Future

As you begin your senior year, it is time to think about your future.  To some, this may be intimidating, while others may be extremely ready for the next step.  Yet to most, this time can be highly stressful. To help with this stress, I have included advice, tips, and some of my own experiences that will hopefully help you make this whole process much more enjoyable (or at least a little less stressful).

“What do you want to be?”  I have always disliked this question.  While some people may know exactly what they want to do with their lives (good for them!), I have floated from thing to thing and still don’t know (this is okay).  From a very young age, a lot of pressure is placed on children to figure out their whole life plans. As I have started filling out college applications, I have been haunted by the section asking what I’d like to study in college.  I voiced my stress to my mom, and she provided me with some very wise words. She said that whatever I choose to major in during college does not have to dictate my whole life. She explained that she majored in architecture in college and is now a teacher.  As you grow and change throughout life, it is likely that your interests and passions will grow and change as well. So, in the end, don’t freak out – this decision is not setting anything in stone.

Going right into college is the social norm, and going against the grain can sometimes be difficult. Once you graduate from high school, there are many options out there for you. During this process, the most important thing is to know what’s going to be best for you and only you.  This is your journey, and it is time for you to decide where exactly you will be heading. Whether you choose to head right into college, take a gap year, head right into work, or anything else, be passionate about your choice!

You are not alone during this process.  Just because the choice of what you do with your life is now up to you does not mean you can’t get help from others.  In fact, confiding in others is going to be a very important part of your next step and can usually help you see things you have missed.  Along with your family and friends, your teachers and counselors can be a very good resource because they have worked with many others who have gone through this process.  Another great resource can be anyone working in admissions at the college or program you are applying to. It is the admission department’s job help you, so don’t be afraid to reach out with any questions you may have.  

No matter what, remember that this is a new part of your life, and it is for you to decide what to do with it. It is okay to feel a bit scared and nervous about the next chapter of your life – that is perfectly normal, and most likely everyone else is feeling it.  Overall, make sure to take some deep breaths, ask for help and advice, and be passionate about whatever you decide to do.