Join ESCAPE Club


Photo courtesy of the 2017-18 members of ESCAPE Club

Have you heard of ESCAPE Club?   ESCAPE stands for Environmental Sustainability Club for Adventure and Personal Empowerment.  Even if you do not consider yourself a hardcore environmental advocate, this club is still for you.

Everything you do with your life relies on the Earth being able to function and thrive.  Humans have been negatively impacting our planet for centuries, and as members of ESCAPE, we are trying to positively impact the Earth starting right here on the Kettle Moraine High School Campus.  

Meetings are held during advisory every Wednesday, so the club does not have to be a huge time commitment (unless you want to make it one!).  Not only is ESCAPE a great place to make a difference and talk about major issues in this world right now, it is also a way to meet new people (and there might be snacks!).  The environment is absolutely vital for everything you like to do, so contact Dr. Cassini at [email protected] to express interest, and you can join our stellar group!