KM Perform Express: Demystified


Welcome to the KM Perform Express newsletter, the hub for all the information and exciting news you need to know to stay on top of life at Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance (KM Perform). The newsletter can be both very informative and yet a bit confusing. Many people don’t know where to find things, or even how to find the newsletter website. Keep reading for a brief explanation on the inner workings of the Express team and website, to hopefully make staying connected a bit easier.  

Alright, the first thing you need to know, is that Express is run by a team of people, and not robots. The team consists of student writers, editors, and an advisor. Although Mrs.Beal is the advisor of the team, the class is completely run by students. “Writers come to newsletter for a variety of reasons. Writing focus students often use KM Perform Express as a way to earn Writing Foundations credit. Other students join the staff because they are interested in journalism. Our structure also supports kids who want to write for a certain issue because of a project, performance, or other KM Perform-related venue. Flexibility is definitely one of our strengths. We have the editorial staff in place for the year, yet students can come and go as they please, depending on what they want to write about,” says Mrs. Beal. The team consists of two senior editors, Charlie Blue and Paige Kuhn, both sophomores in writing focus, who take on the task of directing the students and helping to edit and publish all of the articles and content. “I am one of the senior editors for the newsletter. Specifically, I am in charge of making sure every issue gets published on the website as well as getting each of the articles to Mrs. Beal, our publisher,” says Blue. The students in KM Perform are the ones tasked with writing and maintaining the content on the website. Students join newsletter either for one seminar series or for the entirety of the year. This allows the content to constantly be changing in both style and topic, keeping the KM Perform Express alive.

The KM Perform Express can seem daunting with the amount of content that goes up, though it is actually a filtered down version of all the initial ideas that are brought up by the writers. “Article topics are selected through a brainstorming process where everyone writes down what’s happening in KM Perform and the surrounding communities, and from there, students pick which one(s) interest them most,” says Kuhn. These article ideas are then filtered down by relevance and relatability to the sections on the website. When asked about the different sections, Blue stated, “Spotlight articles are about specific projects, performances, or seminars. Campus and community connections are articles about specific performances, classes, or events going on around the KMHS campus, or in the community. Critic’s corner are often satire articles (when they’re written), reviews, and other things that involve a student opinion. Student advice articles are written by our student advice columnist (this year, Paige Kuhn) responding to questions students have asked anonymously. Buzz content usually isn’t an article, but it can range from quizzes to short cooking videos to crafting tutorials. Media/serial articles are usually ongoing things, like Klaudia’s podcast, or her series about her time in Germany.”

Keeping up with the website releases can be hard, but typically articles are written during a seminar or workshop. “Since KM Perform Express is student-driven, the student editors set the publication schedule,” states Mrs. Beal. The releases occur roughly every month, with a few days of wiggle room. This allows Express to consistently be on top of events occuring in KM Perform.

Hopefully, this gives you readers a better understanding of how KM Perform Express actually works. The inner workings of the newsletter can often seem confusing, but shining a light on it should help bring understanding to the newsletter process. Feel free to check out the other sections above to stay on top of life in KM Perform.