Artists of All Kinds


It’s no secret that in Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance (KM Perform), there are a multitude of opportunities for students to dip their hands into any form of art. Many students take full advantage of these opportunities, despite having no previous experience. These exposures can reveal an unknown interest and potentially shape these students’ future projects.

Robb Colón is a senior art focus in KM Perform who has been continuously involved in theater and writing on top of visual art. Colón is involved in an art club outside of school and Drama Club. He says, “In Drama Club I do tech crew, and in Art Club I write comics and edit animation for my portfolio.” Colón is also an avid writer and says that, “When I first joined KM Perform back in Freshman year, I couldn’t even draw [a] circle or write a complete sentence. But now, my senior year, I’ve written a play, a few comic scripts, and an animation script.” Colón’s interests outside of visual art are not just a side hobby, either. He’s managed to incorporate all four focus areas of KM Perform (writing, music, theater, and visual art) into his portfolio: an animated short film. Colón says, “It has a written script, will have music in the background, voice actors, and of course, it’ll be animated.” This is an impressive feat, because students are only required to incorporate their specific area of art.

Riley Haller is another student who is involved in multiple areas of art. Haller is a junior in writing focus, but she could be easily mistaken for an art focus. “I’m involved in art mainly because I like combining both writing and art.” As a junior, Haller is just starting to brainstorm ideas for her portfolio. When asked if she planned to incorporate multiple areas of art, she said, “I know I want to incorporate art, writing and psychology into one project. Psychology isn’t a focus, but it’s something I’m interested in, and I think it’ll be fun to mesh that with visual arts (drawing, painting, etc) and writing a paper or fiction of some sort.” At the moment, Haller is working on a project that combines all areas of art in KM Perform. She says, “I’m currently working on a film inside of my focus with Hunter [Weber]. I’ve also been working on storyboards for the film I’m making, which is an art focus project, technically.” One of Haller’s favorite projects outside of writing has been creating an oversized poster. “It was sort of a variation on the famous Rosie the Riveter poster, because I felt it was a little outdated. I sketched and colored it, and it turned out really nicely. Now it’s hanging up in Mr. Anderson’s room, which is pretty cool.”

Jack Olson is a junior Music Focus who not only plays multiple instruments, but also acts in various films and does visual art on the side. Olson says that KM Perform has “allowed me to express all levels of art, not just in my focus area.” Olson isn’t sure about his portfolio project, but he’s excited about the idea of doing a film on his own on the side. He enjoys the challenge of films and the multiple aspects of art that are involved in them. “Composing for film is really fun, but [it’s also] hard because you have to emphasize the different emotions that are happening on the screen.” Of course, it makes sense that his two favorite projects outside of his focus were short films False Idol and Stock. “Both films were really fun to film, and being the lead in both was amazing.”

These are just three artists who actively practice artistic work outside of their focus area. They will continue to practice and grow their expertise in multiple areas of art. As upperclassmen, they will set examples for other students to follow in their footsteps. Hopefully, with enough encouragement, more students will realize that everyone can do art with enough practice and dedication.