Applying to Creativity


Photo courtesy of iStock

Applications Projects are something commonly discussed and talked about throughout Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance (KM Perform), but what are they? A common misconception is that Applications Projects are just another title for Portfolios, when in fact the two projects are very different. Portfolio projects are supposed to take place throughout both junior and senior years of high school, while one Applications Project is expected yearly. Portfolio Projects are used to present the progress of a student’s art throughout their time in high school, while Applications Projects are used to document their progress yearly.

Some common examples of Applications Projects are long films, novels, songs, large drawings or paintings, and collections of papers written about a certain topic. I have found Applications Projects as a good outlet to present my best work, and have something to look back on in future years to see how far I’ve come. Presently, I am working on an Applications Project film with my friend, Hunter Weber.

Our project is a film in the horror genre that we’re using to present our progress with writing, film, and design. The film takes place in an apocalyptic, zombie-filled world and follows three characters as they struggle to survive. Starting with an idea for a few characters over the summer, I brought the concept to Hunter and we quickly fleshed out a whole script, found actors and started the filming process. We plan to have the film finished by January and submit it to the Kettle Moraine Film Festival in May. The project was bigger than our past films, and without Applications Projects we wouldn’t have been able to gain credit.

Applications Projects are one of the unique opportunities found in KM Perform specifically. Students have the unique opportunity to craft their own assignments, and that is key.