What is AIA?

What is AIA?

Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance (KM Perform) is a competency-based, interdisciplinary learning collaborative. As a result, students are more actively curious and apt to collaborate with other students. One of the many ways KM Perform works these philosophies into its curriculum is through a course called Applied Interdisciplinary Arts (AIA).

AIA is a required course in KM Perform that promotes creative thinking and exploration of multiple artistic areas. To complete the two-credit course, students must create a project that intertwines academics and the arts. There are four different AIA competencies students are required to complete: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Inquiry. Each one requires four different pieces of evidence.

To complete the Communication competency, students must demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively through multiple mediums; to show proficiency in Collaboration, students must show evidence of quality leadership and efficient teamwork; completing the Critical Thinking competency requires students to use the design thinking process and make connections to the real world; to show understanding of the Inquiry competency, the student must exercise curiosity and explore new ideas.

Riley Haller, Writing Focus junior, says AIA “helped me develop my skills as an artist and learn to manage my time better.” One of her many AIA projects was a series of five comic panels illustrating a story she wrote. Haller explains that this project inspired her to explore the comic book industry as a potential career.

Completing AIA fosters habits of performance, collaboration, and curiosity. Not only does it inspire students to be creative, but it encourages students to explore multiple arts. AIA is essential to an creating an arts-centered school like KM Perform.