Portfolio Highlight: Ellie Oldenburg


Photo courtesy of Ellie Oldenburg

Most students at Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance (KM Perform) picture senior year portfolio projects as original books or collections of art. But the image that might not surface straight away is helping lead a seminar, or creating a fully original character. Ellie Oldenburg, a junior Art Focus, is setting out to create an original cosplay, as well as help direct a seminar based around creating cosplays. Cosplay, for those who don’t know, is the art of creating a character based on T.V. or a comic, using makeup and crafting.

Students, for the most part, work on their portfolio in their senior year. Oldenburg, however, has started this process earlier. “I started my portfolio at the beginning of my junior year . . . I love cosplay and designing characters, so I thought it would be really fun! I also love helping and [teaching] people different things. So I really thought this would fit everything I wanted to do!” Oldenburg stated. She goes on to add that she wanted enough time to build and create her original character, as well as plan out an in-depth seminar for her peers.

Oldenburg has taken over a studio space in the art suite to bring her project to life. “For my portfolio I am doing a cosplay-based portfolio, [and I am helping lead] a cosplay class. I designed a character and then will be building the whole costume, while . . . documenting my work and will [lead the class [and show] techniques that I used to build my character,” Oldenburg explains.

As Oldenburg continues work on her portfolio, she is excited to see several aspects. “I’m really looking forward to the finished product of the costume and [to be able to] just wear my own full creation. It’s a proud feeling to show off something you’ve created just from your mind and made into a three dimensional piece of art.” She goes on to add that she wants “to become more comfortable as a leader and [to] learn things differently than [in] normal high school. This is a whole different academic journey of [both] learning and [leading].”

Ellie Oldenburg is stepping out of the mold of the typical portfolio, building her own brand and unique style in the process. Keep an eye out for the seminar she is helping with and also the progress on her character as the year goes on. “My portfolio includes all the things I love to do, and I love that this school allows me this creative freedom and opportunity to do and create things I love,” Oldenburg concludes.