The ACT, or American College Testing, can be quite intimidating for students all across the board. The five-hour test includes math, science, English, and an optional writing section. Though it may sound stressful, don’t panic. There are plenty of available resources out there to help you prepare.

There are many helpful resources that can be found online, such as websites like and the ACT website itself. has free online practice tools that involve personal tutoring and feedback on incorrect answers as you practice., much like ALEKS math, is also an ACT preparation tool, according to Mr. Anderson (the Math Facilitator at Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance). It tracks your progress as you complete the practice topics. The ACT official website also has countless free and paid resources, such as the ACT Academy, which is essentially a practice test that tracks your scores as you take it.

These practice tools might not work for everyone; sometimes, other methods work better. “I used the practice test ACT provides,” said Maddy Burgireno, a senior writing focus in KM Perform. Burgireno also said that studying, even if you only do it once, can help ease test anxiety. Preparation is key when it comes to standardized tests like the ACT. From booklets to practice tests to resources provided by online websites and Kettle Moraine, there are many ways to prepare. In addition to studying, it is important that you bring plenty of water, a few no. 2 pencils, an eraser, and a non-graphing calculator. Good luck!