The Importance Of Having A Website


As a starting artist, how do you get your work recognized? Can you just create art and expect people to notice your brilliance? Maybe that’s that case if you’re already famous, but it’s not for most high school students at Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance (KM Perform). In spite of this, there are relatively simple ways for students to begin their journeys to success. A website, for example, is just one way to do this.

KM Perform teachers Mr. Weber and Mr. Langenecker co-teach an annual class to help students build their brands and websites. The class offers a beginner’s lesson in what makes a website stand out. Then, students are guided as they build their own personal websites. This is followed by lots of work time for students to refine their brands and get creative with website features. There are also consistent class check-ins during which students share their in-progress websites and receive feedback from the class. They can also ask Mr. Weber or Mr. Langenecker for suggestions and/or help with technical issues.

Students are encouraged to upload as much of their work onto their websites as possible. This could include projects done in or outside of school. Some common in-school projects include set designs for plays and musicals, projects from KM Perform’s Rube Goldberg event, and writing samples. During the seminar, Mr. Weber and Mr. Langenecker continuously stressed the importance of showing versatility. This is why many students, regardless of focus area, posted writing and visual art pieces on their sites.

Students in the seminar have also used the work time to set up their own online shops to sell their art. Many students in KM Perform currently sell stickers and other items on pre-established websites like Redbubble. However, making a website gives students more power to get creative with how they exhibit their work. It also allows them to add in-depth descriptions of their art that they may not have been able to add on a pre-established website.

All writing focus students are now required to have a website containing at least five pieces of their own writing, so it’s becoming more and more important to have one. In today’s modern world where everyone is fighting to get ahead, students need to do everything possible to stand out. Future colleges or employers are always looking for things that set students apart from the crowd, and an impressive website can do just that. It can display versatility far beyond what just a basic resume could do; it could even help jumpstart a career.