Six Flags for Science

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Nowadays, the art of teaching is developing and changing at a rapid pace. Many teachers are attempting new strategies to offer academic credit to students, specifically in subjects traditionally known to be challenging. During this seminar series, the class “Roller Coaster Physics” arrived to teach students physics in an engaging manner, appealing to student interest in theme parks and rollercoasters.

This class takes a new approach to teaching students more complicated subjects (ie. algebra, physics, etc), and is led by Mr. Scott Voigt, one of the science educators for Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance (KM Perform). Previously known for his “Physics of Snowtubing” class, Mr. Voigt thoroughly explains the required physics equations for finding work, energy, and power, lays out how they relate to the theme park journey students are about to embark on, and assures that his students are involved.

The group was taught how to properly evaluate that data and explain why physics as a subject doesn’t have to be as daunting as some students make it. At the end of the seminar series, the class will journey to Six Flags Theme Park to gather data for work, force, and motion. Hopefully, this class will inspire, leading to more on-hand learning classes.