Reflecting on Perform: Kimberly Laberge’s Life After Graduation

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Laberge

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Laberge

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Many students at Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance (KM Perform) remember former Theater Focus Kimberly Laberge, who was very successful during her time there (2014-2018). An influential student, Laberge completed both an academic and artistic portfolio in addition to being prominent in KM Drama Club, all of which set her up to do well in life post-high school.

If you’ve been a long-time reader of KM Perform Express, you may recognize Laberge’s name. Her academic portfolio actually involved the newsletter; she ran KM Perform Express as a Senior Editor, leading classes and publishing every issue, all while juggling her arts portfolio: an all-female version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, which was abridged, produced, and directed by Laberge herself.

“Post-graduation, I immediately stepped into [the] role as a theatre instructor at Brookfield Center for the Arts,” says Laberge. “I work primarily with preschoolers through nine-year-olds, but have had the opportunity to develop my own courses for the age groups I see fit.” Laberge is also a student of the selective Honors College at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and is, “pursuing [a] BA in Theatre Practices and [a] minor in ASL Studies.”

KM Perform gave me the flexibility and encouragement to explore the different aspects of my craft and seek employment through high school,” says Laberge. She started her lucrative theater review blog The Drama Den: The Stage on a Page during her time in KM Perform, and has been able to continue writing throughout college, gaining a substantial following. KM Perform taught Laberge how to be professional, allowing her to “enter college with a full resume, which has opened the doors to dream theatre opportunities.”

It’s easy to fear the professional world as a high school student, but it’s important to remember that life after graduation doesn’t have to be quite so intimidating. KM Perform offers students countless opportunities that prepare them for life beyond high school, a fact Laberge can attest to. “KM Perform is what you make of it. If you decide now to breeze through high school, you’ll find a way, but you’ll miss the point entirely,” says Laberge. “KM Perform gives the greatest gift: You don’t have to wait to start your life.”