The 2019 Collaborative Writing Focus Portfolio Showcase


Photo courtesy of Iceland Writers Retreat

As the year comes to an end in Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance (KM Perform), students are sad to see the seniors leave. On Thursday, May 23, students, teachers, and parents enjoyed the final portfolio presentations put on by Writing Focus seniors. It was definitely a memorable goodbye for the graduating class of KM Perform’s Writing Focus. 

The entire event was attended by teachers, many other Writing Focus students, and the families of the graduating seniors. The night was full of fun, tears, and cake, and was considered a huge success among Writing Focus. The portfolios included a variety of works, ranging from poetry, photography, art, articles, novels, scripts, novellas, and short stories, earning a plethora of applause for the students’ great work from the past year.

“I really liked Asher Schleich’s portfolio, which is a poetry and photography book that he actually published on Amazon. He and Makenna Boettcher turned the Creative Lab into a gallery to showcase their photos and art pieces, and I have to say that it was truly an epic sight. I also enjoyed Rachel Czestler’s performance of her script, involving Alex Sheppard, Klaudia Rixmann, and Mr. Weber. It was highly entertaining!” says Charlie Blue, a sophomore Writing Focus. 

I enjoyed the event a lot. The writers in KM Perform have undeniable talent and have clearly surpassed the commonly held expectations for writing in the 12th grade. From poetry to novels to scripts, there was a wide variety of writing genres and styles, which made the night even more fun,” says Paige Kuhn, sophomore Writing Focus. The night concluded with senior Writing Focus Klaudia Rixmann closing with a heartwarming speech alongside Writing Focus mentors Mrs. Beal and Mr. Weber, thanking them for her years in KM Perform while saying goodbye to her peers and friends. Many parents, teachers, and students even stayed after the event to continue conversations, give congratulations, and of course, eat cake.

The night was a huge blast, and will hopefully be continuing in the following years, becoming a KM Perform tradition for Writing Focus. The celebration proved to be an innovative and fun way to bid farewell to the graduating seniors, helping to shape a great showcase with a large supporting community of family, friends, and teachers. Charlie Blue ends with a perfect conclusion of the night: “Overall, I think this would be a really great tradition to start among the Writing Focus students, and I personally had a lot more fun [that] night than I anticipated. I think everyone cried at least once, including me. It was emotional, the thought that the event was essentially us sending off the seniors to bigger and better things, but I’m really glad I got to be a part of it and I wish all of them the best of luck in the years to come.”