Stickers, Portfolios, Presentations…Oh My!


Photo courtest of Lily Gyles

Family Day Tuesday is the newest Art Focus tradition created by mentors Mr. Langenecker and Mr. Keefe. Every Tuesday during Advisory, students have the opportunity to create and be involved in presentations that showcase their art, portfolios, or new artistic techniques. Family Day Tuesday helps students to feel more connected as well as demonstrate significant artistic growth.

Art Focus students are using this time to explore different areas and create interesting presentations to share with their fellow classmates. There are also opportunities for students to attend/create workshops focusing on team building and earning specific competencies. Art Focus senior Anna Brueckert hosted a workshop on sticker making and publishing designs through a Redbubble account. Each week, she picked a different area to focus on creating, and helping students with creating designs and ideas. For those interested, Mr. Langenecker enrolled students into a workshop through MyLC so that they could gain credit in Art Foundations and Career Studies. Both mentors agree that this may be one of the best ways to gain Career credit. When asked about why Anna took the time to host this workshop, she said, “I made so many stickers when I was a freshman[,]…I knew I needed leadership so I thought it would be perfect to teach the freshmen and show them how easy it is.”

With so many creative minds in one room, there are bound to be many amazing designs and concepts, and Anna said that seeing all of the designs is her favorite part of the process. “I think Family Days definitely bring the focus together… Most of the time Art Focus is doing their own thing and everyone only talks to their friends… just running this little class [makes me feel] more comfortable with students I have never talked to before…it would help to bring all the focus areas together.” Art Focus student Laura Mengel said, “I usually draw during this time, but the workshop they [offered allowed] me to publish the art I have been making over this past year.” Anna has spent many years working on Redbubble and has sold over 100 different sticker designs. She says that doing this is her favorite part about being an artist. 

When asked what inspired them to create Family Days, Langenecker said, “Family Days in Advisory allow Art Focus to receive and share important information, do team building activities, and work towards common goals.” This year’s Family Day Tuesday celebration is allowing many students to collect credit while having fun. According to Keefe, “It’s a good way to meet career and leadership targets, but if a student has done something above and beyond the curriculum that other students would benefit from learning, that’s the perfect person for a presentation. It lets other students know what all the options are and opens up opportunities for everyone.” Keefe goes on to say, “The ideas in the presentations are outside of the curriculum often. They [consist of a] topic the student found on their own because they thought it was interesting and worthwhile, not because it was an assignment… Ideally, we want you all to be finding stuff on your own that engages you and pursuing that. That’s a critical skill we want you to take away with you when you graduate.”