Interpretive Dance: A Night of Portfolios


Photo courtesy of Taylor Meeth

After months of hard work, Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance (KM Perform) Theater Focus seniors Claire Vock, Carmen Castello, and Taylor Meeth had their final portfolio showcases all on the same night in April. Each portfolio was unique, but they all centered around a specific theme or story as told through dance. However, a lot went on behind the scenes (literally and figuratively) to make the portfolio night such a success.

While Claire, Carmen, and Taylor’s portfolios are all separate, the girls shared similar experiences while planning and rehearsing. “My portfolio is a dance performance about one’s struggles of self image and self esteem,” said Meeth. She also mentioned that she “chose the idea of self esteem and self image because this is not only something that has been prominent in my own life, but also because I have seen people close to me struggle with these things.” Her goal was to convey an emotional story through the choreography and body language. 

Claire did something a bit different; her portfolio was based around perfectionism. Throughout creating her routine, Claire admitted, “I kept having the train of thought that ‘no that won’t work – my portfolio has to be perfect’.” She continued saying how she has seen this attitude in the past, but much less than when she started high school. 

Carmen’s portfolio is a “dance performance that tells an immigration story.” Carmen explained that the story is based on the story of her maternal grandparents, who have been a huge source of guidance and support over the years. As the daughter of an immigrant and the granddaughter of immigrants, the story was very personal for Carmen, and the feeling was tangible for the audience. As an added surprise, Carmen featured audio from an interview with her grandmother, who had no idea it was going to be used beyond the initial planning stages. 

Claire, Carmen, and Taylor’s portfolios started long before the feet hit the stage. “The planning process started a year prior, but I started working on choreography and music in December 2018. The teaching process started in March 2019,” said Meeth. The three young women all started their portfolios at different times during their junior years and continued working on them throughout the next year. Now seniors, their portfolios are complete, and they were proud to showcase their work and the culmination of their learning throughout their last four years in KM Perform.

“I am overall very proud of my performance and proud of Taylor and Claire, too. I feel that the effort that we all put in was really heartfelt, and the stage was full of energy that night,” said Castello. Each of the girls worked hard to direct and choreograph each performance, and their hard work paid off. On April 26th, each performance tugged on the audience’s heartstrings, telling three very different, but very powerful stories through beautiful choreography.