A Deal with the Devil: the Tale of Jack O’Kent at Legends and Lore

Photo courtesy of Alchetron

Photo courtesy of Alchetron

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 Have you heard of Legends and Lore? Well, as many of you know may know, Legends and Lore is an event happening at Old World Wisconsin, and there are many different groups showing both scary and funny stories, including the tales of Baba Yaga, The Wendigo, and Jack O’ Kent

Legends and Lore is a Halloween event hosted at Old World Wisconsin during which many different production teams come together to present the spooky stories and myths from immigrant groups all over the world. This year, Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance (KM Perform) has been invited once again to participate and put on several different shows within the event. They will be acting out supernatural, spooky, and family-friendly tales.       

      One of these events is the story of Jack O’ Kent, an Irish drunk notorious for his trickery. Jack O’Kent is best known for the deals he makes with the Devil, often following the deal’s terms to the word but not the spirit. In one such tale, he promises the devil half of his harvest if the devil helps his crops prosper, but when the devil declares that he wants the top half of the harvest, Jack plants turnips, making the devil’s end of the deal a useless one.  

     This group, led by Nathaniel Saunderson and Charlie Blue, has four actors involved. The characters are all going to be wearing various masks, made by Nathaniel Saunderson with help from KM Perform’s Artist in Residence, Mr. John Hickman. The location of the Jack O’ Kent performance is the St. Peter’s Roman Catholic church on the Old World Wisconsin grounds. The church was originally built in 1839. 

   KM Perform has been working very hard with Old World Wisconsin to perfect these spooky and creative stories, and those involved would love for you to come on October 18, 19, 25, 26 from 5:30-9:30 PM. Spook you there!