I’m Not Playing the Piano, I’m Unlocking Immortality!


Photo courtesy of Softonic

In the second workshop series of the year, choral director and Music Focus mentor Mr. Jaeger organized a seminar called Build Your Brain Power – a seminar dedicated to teaching beginners how to play piano, which can actually reap lifelong benefits. In this class, students were taught the fundamentals of reading music as well as playing the piano. But what actually are the benefits of playing piano?

According to an article published by Piano Emporium, playing the piano can improve your brain’s neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to recognize synaptic functions, especially in times of learning or recovery from an injury. In short, neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change form and functions during times of physical stimulation. 

In addition, playing the piano adds new neural connections within your brain, which can then improve your memory, attention span, speech and language skills, math and spatial skills, and even your ability to convey emotions. Practicing music at a young age can create structural changes in the brain that last a lifetime. 

Playing the piano improves physical health as well, in addition to building your mental fortitude. Playing the piano improves dexterity, fine motor skills, and eye-hand coordination. Music has been proven to reduce heart and respiratory rates and cardiac complications, lower blood pressure, and increase immune response. According to the London Piano Institute, playing the piano has also been proven to slow down the aging process, as studies have found that the technique increases the body’s production of the Human Growth Hormone, which slows the body’s natural aging process.

Not only is playing the piano a lot of fun, it also has a lot of physical and cognitive benefits. This workshop provided students with a 45-minute block every day to further their own piano skills, which in turn will improve their physical health and cognitive strength. Young or old, all people can learn to play the piano and reap these fantastic benefits, as well as tickle their ears with a harmonious melody that they can proudly say they played with their own ten fingers. Happy playing!