Is The Class “One Picture” Really Just a Normal Art Class?


If you didn’t know already, the workshop “One Picture” here at Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance (KM Perform) is an art class where students focus on one drawing each day. Students on the first day get an idea of what they want to draw along with what they want to improve. Then, they start by drawing the picture and adding more things day by day until the end of the workshop.

Though you might think that just Art Focus students can join this class, the opposite is true – actually, all different focuses join! Many other focuses want to learn how to draw as well as to learn new things. So, they may decide to join the class. 

Students also learn new things along the way. They don’t just learn how to draw, but they also learn how to compromise. If students towards the end of the workshop decide that they don’t like something in their almost finished piece, then they will have to think of how they can fix it in a short amount of time which can cause a lot of stress and may lead them to try to outline more clearly, or be 100% sure that their piece is something they want to go through all the way with. 

Mr. Keefe, who is running the workshop here at KM Perform, was asked multiple questions about “One Picture.” He explained the class being mainly about getting better at persistence and not give up so easily as artists tend to do with their work. But this doesn’t just pertain to art; it has connections to our everyday lives. Mr. Keefe explained how persistence was something that all students needed to improve upon. The challenge he gave his students for this workshop was that they had to make a piece of artwork in the 7.5 hours that they had in the class. Not having much time to make a drawing is challenging enough, but that’s where the persistence comes in.

Overall, “One Picture” is not just a typical art class where the students sit and draw; it’s where students learn how to compromise, get better at persistence, and of course, hone their drawing skills. Learning these things in a class can help students learn how to not give up on art, as well as not giving up on their road through life.