Stephen King


Photo courtesy of Simon and Schuster


Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance puts out a variety of classes from which students can choose. In the newest seminar series, a Stephen King class was offered by one of the Writing Focus mentors, Mrs. Beal. 

In the class, students have the opportunity to sit and read any Stephen King book they would like. Most, if not all, of the class allows students to sit back and read without any interruptions. In one of the discussions on day one, there was talk about busy scheduling and the chaotic nature of high school. The reading time not only gives students a large window of credit opportunities, but time to relax and slow down with a good book.

Stephen King is one of the most popular authors of all time. With numerous acclaimed books including The Shining, IT, The Green Mile, Cujo, and The Stand, it’s almost impossible to avoid him. King works in Bangor, Maine, which is the setting of many of his books. The Maine lifestyle gives him inspiration for his normally twisted and graphic horror novels. His detailed writing pulls avid readers in and his storytelling captures the attention of many movie lovers. King has more film adaptations than any other writer, and even takes the top spot for highest grossing horror movie with IT (2017) earning $327.5 million.

Myles Menzynski is a sophomore Theatre Focus student who decided to take the class in an effort for more English credit. This is not Menzynski’s first run-in with Stephen King, and in the past he’s read many books by the horror author. He is reading IT for the third time, and is taking his time in class time to create a song and a scene for an IT musical. 

Freshman Art Focus Mikey Broncatti a is another student in the class. His experience with Stephen King is completely different than Menzynski’s. Having never read any Stephen King books or watched any of the film adaptations, Pet Sematary is Broncatti’s first experience with the world famous author.

This class is one of the few seminars offered in which students are allowed to sit back and read their books. With busy lives, students agreed that having time to just read their books is simple and provides a welcomed opportunity.