The Backstage World of South Pacific


As most of you may know, South Pacific was the first annual all-campus musical here at Kettle Moraine. Its cast included students from every school; even the middle school got involved! Everyone played a part to put this show together. But, who exactly did the backstage work, and who were the people helping out that many didn’t see? Well, here is a look into the world of backstage with costume crew, set crew, and the cast of South Pacific

The cast of South Pacific was the first group to get to work. Auditions were held in mid-September and rehearsals started early October. The next month and a half were filled with late nights and a whole lot of memorizing and practicing. When tech week came around, the cast was polishing up their scenes, the boys were practicing makeup, and the leads were getting down their final lines so that they would be ready for opening night. When the weekend of the show came around, backstage was set up in the black box theater, and that’s where most of the cast was during the actual show.

Meanwhile, the crew worked in the wings and had several jobs to do, like set and curtains. The crew did all the scene changes and helped make the show go as smoothly as possible. The set pieces were placed in the wings and when the lights went out, that’s when they had to move as quickly and quietly as possible. They also moved set pieces when the screen came down, and the moving of the screen was also done by a crew member. Constant communication and focus were needed, and they worked really hard.

Costume crew was completely separate from stage crew. Costume crew’s job was to make sure every cast member looked like the character they played in the show. The cast and costume crew worked together when it came to fittings and personal choices. Costume crew also had to work during the actual show to fix holes and tears in costumes, which happened a lot. They mostly worked in the black box, constantly working to bring the characters to life through the way the looked.

With South Pacific over and another musical on the horizon, it is fun to look back on the play and all of the people who helped make the show come to life, including the people working in the background. The whole company put so much time and effort into the show and worked really hard to bring it to life. Now, with The Addams Family coming up in February, it is exciting to see what will happen backstage and the new company that will form!