The Addams Family: KM Perform’s Next Big Show

Photo courtesy of Stage Agent

Photo courtesy of Stage Agent

“When you’re an Addams, you do what Addams do or die!” Coming this February, Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance (KM Perform) will showcase its annual KM Perform Musical. Past shows have included Little Shop of Horrors and James and The Giant Peach. This year, the show will be The Addams Family, a contemporary musical based on Charles Addams’ characters.


Anticipation was high for the reveal of the 2020 KM Perform musical. Teachers gave out small hints regarding the show when students asked, and the options narrowed down quickly. Some hints included the show being contemporary and that it was Artist-in-Residence Mr. Hickman’s favorite. Weeks before it was revealed, many students suspected that this year’s show could be The Addams Family. The musical was officially revealed at convocation, when the Kettle Moraine High School campus principal Mrs. Kaminski walked in dressed as Morticia and announced that the show was, indeed, The Addams Family!


The teachers involved in directing and managing The Addams Family are Mr. Jaeger (Director), Mrs. Hooper (Musical Director), Mrs. Beal (Producer), Ms. Kean (Costumes), and Mr. Langenecker (Set Director). The outstanding cast includes Nolan Van Haren as Gomez Addams, Caleigh Laurich as Morticia Addams, Eleni Tzougros as Wednesday Addams, Adeline Cramer as Pugsley Addams, Sylvia LaGalbo as Uncle Fester, Chelsea Rowley as Alice Beineke, Drew Jaeger as Lucas Beineke, and many more!


The Addams Family tells the story of Wednesday Addams growing up and exploring a new “normal” world. With some characters from the original comics, such as Wednesday, Gomez, Morticia, Pugsly, and Fester, the musical production also adds some new characters: Lucas, Alice, and Mal Beineke. Lucas Beineke is Wednesday’s boyfriend/fiancé throughout the show, and Mal and Alice Beineke are Lucas’ parents. The story follows a dinner party between the two families as they meet each other for the first time. In the words of Wednesday Addams, “..we’re who we are and they’re from Ohio.” Before the guests arrive, Wednesday tells her dad a little secret: Lucas Beineke wants to marry her and she plans to announce it at the dinner. Will the families get along or will Wednesday never get her family’s blessing?


Starting January 2nd, many of the seminars available will involve aspects of the KM Perform Musical. Rehearsal times for cast will be offered by Mr. Jaeger and Ms. Hooper (3B, 4 Blue, 4 Gold). If you’re not in the cast, there are more seminar opportunities for you! Crew will have an available seminar with Mr. Langenecker where you can help build the stage set. Ms. Kean is holding a seminar for people interested in costuming. The producer of the show, Mrs. Beal, has a seminar where you can learn and help with marketing the show and production. Get involved with The Addams Family as soon as you get back to school!


The show dates for The Addams Family are February 27th, February 28th, and February 29th at 2:00pm and 7:00pm. Be sure to come and see one of the completely normal performances of The Addams Family