Costume Ball is Cancelled… Whaaaat?

Costume Ball is Cancelled... Whaaaat?

It’s that time of year again. Costume Ball is happening! Costume Ball is a show that Wind Symphony puts on every year that is driven by the music. “It’s a way for the band to learn to work together, and it brings them closer. It shows in the music that they play,” says director Mr. Erickson. JT Nejedlo, senior clarinet player, is on his third year of Costume Ball and always has fun doing it. “It makes you jump into band right away at the beginning of the year, instead of taking a few months to really get rolling.”

There are a lot of committees that come together to make Costume Ball happen, but the person who has the most important job is the executive producer, saxophone player Katy Ebert. “I’ve been in training for my position since last year, but the time management has been by far the hardest this year,” explains Ebert. “I do most of the communication between the committees.” Set builds the set, Props provide the props, Marketing gets the word out, Writers write the script, and Costumes assign costumes to different sections of the band and the actors and actresses.

Not only does the show come together with all the band’s hard work, but the music is the most important part, since Costume Ball is showing off what the band can do through music. “We play a lot of fun and challenging songs. We need to practice our music and work with our committees in order to bring the show together,” says Nejedlo. “If we don’t know the music, there isn’t a good show.”

Laughs are always happening behind the scenes, but it isn’t all about goofing off. A lot of work needs to be done in a very short amount of time. “The week before Costume Ball is when everyone is scrambling to get everything ready,” says Nejedlo. Despite all the work that goes into Costume Ball, there are still many band students who are really happy to be a part of it. “Costume Ball is my favorite part of band,” exclaims senior flautist Abby Krause.

Costume Ball will be held on October 23rd and 24th and starts at 7:00PM.  The theme this year is “Costume Ball is Cancelled.” If anyone wants to wear costumes and show them off onstage, they’ll get a treat bag. The price of admission is $8 for adults and $5 for students. “I think Costume Ball will be successful. I think a lot of its success will come from our unique theme,” says freshman percussionist Josh Catania. If you want a laugh, come to Costume Ball and find out why it’s cancelled!