Throwback to the 60’s, Flash Forward to Now!

Throwback to the 60s, Flash Forward to Now!

When you think of Kettle Moraine High School in the 1960’s, what comes to mind? Would you guess there was an agriculture club, or cheerleading and a school newspaper, like any high school today would have? The high school clubs today include cheerleading, Gay/Straight Alliance, Gender Equality, the Spanish Club, among many more. Charter schools such as KM Perform and KM Global were not even established until 2011, almost 50 years after the campus was constructed. “The faculty now (94 educators) is almost as big as my class was when I started as a sophomore,” says former student and teacher Jon Ingle.

Before the school was built, the land was covered in farm fields. During construction, the only thing nearby was a farm or two. “Construction on KMHS was not really completed when it opened in 1965.  Basically, it was built in the middle of a farm field.  A former classmate of mine recently reminded me about a day when a cow was looking in one of our classroom windows,” says Ingle.

As the number of students grew, so did the community. There is now a park, restaurants, gas stations, and popular coffee shops where farm fields used to be. The small community started in the 1960’s with 356 people. Over the years, the population of Wales, Wisconsin, increased to the current population of 2,564 people.

Of all the things that have changed, the saucy, laid back attitude most teenagers possess hasn’t. The very first yearbook sported a caption to accompany a picture of a hallway, saying, “An empty hallway because students are in their classrooms working ‘so very hard.’” With 356 people and less technology to distract them, everyone knew each other and the happenings within the community. Ingle says, “I have many favorite memories of high school.  Being the ‘seniors’ for three years allowed us to be very active in school.  Because we were so small, we knew just about everyone.”  Even though times have changed and the amount of people living near the school has grown, the close knit, fun-loving community of Kettle Moraine remains.